Make sure your new business is ready to launch

What to consider before starting your own business

If you've been considering making money from your hobby or creating a business in an area that you're interested in, there are some things you should first think about. Creating a business, no matter how small, comes with a number…

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Add a hint of summer to your baking

Summer-inspired cake decorations

We're almost into June now, which means the summer has well and truly started. The next few months will hopefully come with plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures and excuses for spending time outside. As well as activities, the season also…

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Create on-trend jewellery to sell online with KAE

5 summer jewellery trends you should be making

If you enjoy making jewellery, whether for a hobby or because you are thinking about selling it online, it is a good idea to keep an eye on seasonal trends. This allows you to create pieces that fit with the…

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Learn something a bit different with KAE

Surprising courses available at KAE

When it comes to looking for a course that ties in with your interests, you might think that the choice is going to be limited. However, at Kent Adult Education, you have a lot more choice than you probably thought…

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St Michael's Mount offers great views for photographers

5 picturesque UK destinations for photographers

If you have an interest in photography, this summer could be the ideal time to explore some of the stunning locations the UK has to offer. With the weather getting better and there being more daylight hours, the next few…

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Add something to your CV with a KAE course

5 courses that could make your CV stand out

If you're looking for a new job, whether in the same industry or something different, you want to make sure your CV stands out. The job market is full of people searching for something new, so it is up to…

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