Computing devices

Computing Highlight

Whether we like it or not the world is increasingly becoming more and more ‘digital’.  Advancements in technology can be amazing and help us to discover and create new things, but when you aren’t used to all the new technologies…

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DIY Halloween Mummy Jars

Craft with the kids – Haunted Halloween

Crafting homemade decorations with your children is a great way to get ready for any celebration - It’s a fantastic way to teach kids about history and tradition whilst at the same time helping develop their creativity and keep them…

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Pumpkin pie

Autumn Recipes: Cooking with Pumpkin

The cooler weather is creeping in and the russet leaves are slowly falling from the trees. The autumn season is well and truly here. In this month’s recipe selection, we are helping you make the most of pumpkin, a vegetable…

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Lyn Pankhurst

Meet our Tutors – Lyn Pankhurst – Sugarcraft

As Kent’s largest provider of adult education we not only have an extensive array of courses in many different locations but also a dedicated team of tutors who come from a wide range of backgrounds who are all dedicated to…

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Dartford Adult Education Centre

Dartford – Delights, Design and Diplomas

When most people think Dartford, they think of the Dartford Crossing. Made up of two tunnels and the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, the crossing carries as many as 160,000 vehicles a day making it a major part of London’s orbital…

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