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It’s about that time of year when people all over the country will be thinking about Christmas. It seems to get earlier every year! However, there’s a lot to prepare. You need to plan out your decorations, decide on your menu and – perhaps most importantly – start your Christmas shopping!

Whether you like to get it out of the way early or prefer leaving it until later and braving the queues, shopping for presents is always going to be a bit of a pain. It’s great seeing the looks on your loved ones’ faces as they open up their gifts, but finding the right one isn’t easy sometimes.

Luckily, there’s an option that is a lot more fun: making the presents! Edible gifts are a fantastic idea, as you will be able to give your friends and family something much more personal and enjoy yourself while preparing them.

You could also start the festive cheer a bit early with a Christmas cake. Families love having one of these to nibble on in the run up to the holidays. You can make one for yourself or give a few away as early presents.

There are loads of great edible gift recipes you can try to get people's tastebuds tingling this Christmas, so have a go at making some delicious holiday treats!

Now, this is all very well if you are an experienced cook, but not everyone is confident in the kitchen. If this is the case, don’t worry! You can easily learn how to make great edible gifts with a course!


Cookery School – Make a Christmas Cake and Edible Gifts

This great course for beginners will take you through making a Christmas cake, even if you’ve never touched an oven in your life. You will end up with a great cake to take home and impress your loved ones with, as well as having a fun day out being creative.

Traditionally, Christmas cakes are fruit cakes, often with a spirit like whiskey or brandy mixed in. Sometimes they also contain mincemeat, much like a mince pie. However, more recently people have begun opting for sponge cakes instead. Really, it comes down to what you would prefer.

On our course, you can make either a fruit or a sponge cake. We provide all the ingredients; all you need is an apron, dishcloth, tea towel and something to take your cake home in. This way, you can choose the cake that’s right for you so you can have something you and your family will thoroughly enjoy eating.

We will also teach you how to make a series of other Christmas treats, such as truffles, gingerbreads and a Yule log. This means you will return home loaded with festive goodies and great ideas for edible presents!

You will get to bring back your very own Christmas cake, all ready for decorating. A well-decorated cake looks lovely, so how can you make yours perfect for the festive season? There is another course you can sign up for where we will teach you everything you need to know.


Handmade Christmas – Make a Christmas Cake Top Decoration

Here, you will learn all about how to make your very own sugarcraft decoration for your cake. This could be a snowman, Father Christmas, a tree or whatever takes your fancy! It is a perfect way to top off your delicious cake.

Sugarcraft involves using a sugar paste and moulding it into different shapes. This allows you to create 3D, edible decorations for cakes and other treats. Many people have used it to make elaborate festive scenes for their Christmas cakes.

You could try crafting yourself Father Christmas and his reindeer, the three wise men or any Christmas scene you can think of. Be ambitious! Even if it doesn’t turn out perfectly, your loved ones will still see the effort you went through to get it completed. That’s one of the things that makes edible gifts so special.

So what are you waiting for? Get your apron on and your mixing bowl out. There are loads of great edible gift recipes you can try to get people’s tastebuds tingling this Christmas, so have a go at making some delicious holiday treats!

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