Could Jewellery Making be the course for you?

From a simple wedding ring to an elaborate necklace, jewellery is one of the most common fashion items in the world. Almost everyone wears at least one piece – whether that is a small stud earring or a glitzy bracelet – adding style to the simplest of outfits.

However, we're not going to teach you how best to wear jewellery. You're probably very familiar with which pieces go with your outfits and what looks good on you. Instead, we're going to look at making your own piece.


Why make your own jewellery?

Jewellery making is a fantastic, fun way to spend your time and lets you create something unique.

You might be wondering why you would make something you can buy in a shop. However, creating something yourself makes it special and unique, while also letting you customise it to your personal taste.

If you've ever been out shopping and tried on umpteen different pieces of jewellery, none of which were quite right, then making your own item could be the best option for you. It allows you to choose exactly what it looks like, so you can make the piece of your dreams.

It will also make a great present for someone else, which is something you should bear in mind with Christmas coming up! Homemade gifts are always appreciated, as they can seem more special and heartfelt than something from a shop.

What could be a better present than a homemade pendant, bracelet or ring? If you are sure you know the jewellery taste of one of your friends or loved ones, you can make them something they will treasure.

Jewellery making seems at first like it would be an incredibly difficult hobby to keep up. Surely working with metal requires specialist tools and equipment? Actually, it is remarkably easy nowadays. Many types of jewellery making are "very different from the traditional metalsmithing", according to tutor Debbie France.


Bead and wire

This is exactly as it sounds. You work with wire, usually made of a precious metal like silver, and thread a range of exciting beads onto it. This is one of the simplest ways of making necklaces and bracelets while still being able to exercise your creativity.

You don't just have to make these items though. You can wrap the wire around beads, gems and precious stones for simple (but gorgeous) rings, or use it to make woven earrings. You can even hammer the wire out into a flattened shape for a pendant!


Metal clay

This is another easy way to make excellent, high-quality jewellery without having to train for years. The clay is made of a metal like silver mixed with a binding agent. Roll, shape and sculpt the clay into the shape you want, then fire it.

In the kiln, the binder burns away and leaves you with the shape you created, but in 99.9 per cent pure metal. You can work easily with the clay, as it is just like shaping plasticine, modelling clay or cake icing!


Where to go next?

Once you have made your first piece of jewellery, either wearing it proudly or giving it away as a gift, what do you do with your newfound skills? One option is to keep going back for more jewellery making courses! You will quickly make friends with your fellow learners, making it a fantastic, fun way to spend your time.

Of course, you could always take your hobby home with you. If you enjoy jewellery making, you can have a go yourself in your own spare time. Investing in some beads and wire, or even some metal clay and a butane torch for firing it, can let you make your own gorgeous pieces in your own time.

Websites like eBay and Etsy even let you sell pieces like this that you have made yourself. This could end up being a nice little earner for you! Even if not, it will be a fun, creative hobby that you are bound to enjoy.

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