As we’re just over two weeks into 2017, we’d like to think you’ve been able to stick to your New Year’s resolutions so far, but it can be difficult. A common New Year’s resolution is to be a healthier person this year, whether that’s by eating better or exercising more and if you’re a keen gym-goer you’ll probably notice that the gym tends to fill up around this time of year, or perhaps you’re one of those people signing up for a gym membership at the turn of the year?

Just because you want to be a bit healthier this year, that doesn’t mean you need to set yourself strict resolutions to judge yourself against, perhaps all you need to do is learn how to make simple and realistic lifestyle changes rather than creating strict resolutions that you may not be able to keep?

If you did make it your mission to be a healthier person this year, KAE are here to help. We’ve conveniently started the calendar year with a lot of courses starting in the near future that are designed to help you be a more active, healthy and happier person.

Courses for fitness

In the winter months it’s pretty easy to get comfortable not doing too much after a busy day at work or home, we’d all rather not go outside in the cold after all. However, our range of Fitness courses are a great way to use the weather as an excuse to be more active and warm yourself up, and of course remain fit and healthy. Our Fitness courses won’t just consist of running for hours on end, the Sittingbourne centre is a great place to go for our Kettlercise courses, and some of our other fun Fitness courses include Body Tone and Fitsteps.

Fitness for fun

As anyone who spends the early winter months watching Strictly Come Dancing will know, another fantastic way to be healthy and active is to take up dancing! If a traditional method of fitness isn’t really your thing, one of our Dance courses could be perfect for you. Whether it’s exploring something new like Ballroom and Latin that involves putting your skills to the test and learning a routine, or something that’s simply fun like Zumba, once of our centres throughout Kent will have a course for you.

Stretching yourself

We’ve been talking about courses that will keep you moving in the cold weather, but it’s always good to slow things down and maintain mobility too. We offer a range of yoga, tai chi, medau and pilates classes across the county. These courses will help with breathing, relaxation, flexibility and posture and help you to stay fit both mentally and physically. In addition we also offer chairobics courses, helping you to stay active and fit but from the comfort of a chair if you suffer with back or hip problems.

We want to keep you fit, healthy and most importantly warm this new year. Take a look at our full range of Health & Fitness courses by clicking the button below.

Health & Fitness Courses

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