The beginning of November is historically a time of reflection and commemoration for Remembrance Sunday. Many of us will look back and think about how past events have shaped our lives and how we got to where we are today.

But how much do we really know about our history and how it has played an important part in how we live in the present day? Want to find out more? We have some fascinating and fun History courses that will really stimulate your mind. Here are some of our top historical course picks.

Women who took on the Nazis WWII

Find out about the role that women played within the Special Operations Executive and the remarkable contributions they made to the Allied war effort.

The Fall of the Roman Republic

Learn about the exciting and action packed period which led to fall of the Roman Republic when one man took control under the guise of ‘restoring the Republic’.

Art History – Great Art and Artists

Have you always wanted to understand more about the artworks you see in galleries and museums? Discover a variety of different artworks from galleries around the world.

Chaucer and his Pilgrims

Explore life in 14th century England and discover more about one of this country’s most celebrated writers using the ‘Canterbury Tales’.

Family History – Internet Research

Find out about your very own family history with the help of the internet and learn how to develop online research skills relevant to family history.

Want to see more courses? We have more wide ranging History and Genealogy courses which can be viewed here.

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