By the standards of British weather, we’ve been pretty spoilt so far this summer, with beaches and pub gardens being filled up across the country. Although some of us might not be huge fans of the hot weather and would prefer to stay cool indoors, it’s always nice to get out and make the most of the setting that a bit of sun offers.

We offer courses until the end of July, with the majority starting again in September when the weather is still perfectly acceptable. These courses are hosted in our 15 centres across Kent, as well as various other well equipped buildings but that doesn’t mean we’ll keep you holed up in a building away from the sun for the duration of your course, in fact some of our courses are the perfect excuse to take in the scenery.

Photography – Capture the sunset

Photography is an essential part of our lives, whether it’s photo albums from years gone by or in recent years the endless Facebook albums or posts on Instagram, we all like to keep and share memories. We like to think that a bit of sunshine can enhance any photo, and most importantly will give you some inspiration on one of our many Photography courses. We offer courses for all levels of skill and experience, whether you’re attempting to take a top quality photograph for the first time or you just want to touch up your skills a bit, where better to try out your camera than outside?

Take in the scenery

Another course that invites you to step outside is our Art courses. If you think of all of the pieces of art that catch your eye, there’s a good chance that it will involve some sort of outside setting. A sunset, mountain, field, you get the idea. Like photography, being outside can really inspire you and bring out your artistic side. Whether it’s drawing, painting, watercolour or pastels, the sunshine is the perfect time to create your artistic masterpiece.

Health and fitness

The courses we have referenced involve taking in the scenery using your eyes, but it’s the perfect chance to get your body moving too. Our Fitness & Wellbeing courses are perfect to get a bit of fresh air whilst being fit and active, with the most suitable courses including Yoga and Walking.

Have we inspired you to join us out in the sun and make the most of the summer weather? Take a look at our full range of courses by clicking the button below.

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