Christmas centerpiece

As we will soon be close to the one month mark Christmas moves ever closer and getting crafty can help to make you feel more Christmassy. Whether you want to indulge in some Christmas Craft to make your home feel that little bit more festive or you are hoping to give some of your crafty creations as presents, we have a selection of craft ideas to make your Christmas extra special.

Reindeer Footprints

If your Christmas this year is going to be made even more amazing with the addition of a baby’s first Christmas, why not make the perfect Christmas card or piece of art for the family and loved ones with a baby foot reindeer design?

With just a few materials it couldn’t be easier. Well if you can keep baby from wriggling too much that is.


• White card (size of your choice)
• Brown paint
• Marker pen or brown pipe cleaner
• Red paint or red pom-pom
• Googly eyes
• 1 baby
• 1 pack of wet wipes

Giving Christmas the handmade feel adds that extra sparkle!


1. Undress baby from tummy down so that you can easily access their feet.
2. Set out a paper plate with a generous helping of brown paint.
3. Lay out the right amount of card pieces in relation to how many cards you wish to make.
4. Place each foot in the paint in turn and place them on the card to make a print.
5. Once all cards are completed remove the paint with the wet wipes.
6. Once the cards are dry add antlers in the form of pen or pipe cleaners above the toes and add googly eyes and a nose with either red paint or a pom-pom.
7. Write your Christmas message and send to loved ones.

Christmas Bunting

From The Crafty Mummy

Nothing screams Christmas like a house full of decorations with lashings of red, green, gold and silver everywhere. Whether you like a minimalist look or have a penchant for the ‘puked Christmas’ look.


• Fabric (of your choice about half a metre of each kind you wish to use)
• Ribbon or bias binding
• Colour matching thread
• Pinking shears
• Pins
• Ruler
Sewing machine if preferred
• Paper


1. Create a template for your triangles using the plain paper. The easiest way to do this is fold the piece of paper in half, length ways and draw the length you require (18cm at the base and 21cm from the point to base line is a good standard measurement).
2. Cut a long piece of fabric the same height as your triangle. Keep your triangle template in half and cut your fabric to discard a half a triangle piece of fabric. This then means that if you turn the template upside down you will continue to be able to cut a full triangle perfectly. Cut as many triangles as you wish.
3. To make your bunting look fabulous you need to sew all of your triangles back to back. Match all the triangles into pairs with the right sides facing out. Stitch each one together down each side about 5mm from the edge. There is no need to stitch the base line end.
4. Trim the edges with pinking shears to create a pretty zig zag edge.
5. Depending on the thickness of your bias binding or ribbon you can either fold it over the base edge of the triangle and stitch it in place, or you can pin the binding or ribbon to the triangle to keep it in place and then stitch it.
6. Alternate flag types along the length of the bias binding or ribbon as you wish and voila your bunting is complete.

Flower Centrepieces

Are you hosting the big Christmas day this year? Do you want to ensure that your table looks like something from a movie set all perfectly laid, cutlery and glasses glistening but you have no idea what to use as your centrepiece?

Rather than trawling the shops that are already full of people – why not take some inspiration from nature and try out this floral centerpiece design.


• Pine cones (various sizes)
• Assorted foliage such as ferns, furs, mistletoe etc
• Berries
• Baubles
• Cake stand or vase
The pine cones, foliage and berries can all be artificial if you prefer.


1. If you want to use your cake stand use the layers to display the materials. Laying the pine cones and berries on the top layer surrounded by assorted foliage on the bottom layer which are accompanied by baubles. All of which can be colour coded with your Christmas colour scheme
2. If you are using a vase fill the majority of the bottom of the vase with the assorted foliage as you wish and then as you continue towards the top of the vase begin to incorporate more baubles, berries and pine cones. Delicately finish at the top of the vase with pine cones and baubles alternating.

If you’re getting crafty this Christmas we’d love to hear from you. Share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest!

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