Annual events in the calendar come thick and fast in the early months of the year, after Christmas and New Year we have things to think about such as Valentine’s Day and Easter, and Mother’s Day is another one of those very special days in the calendar. It marks the moment when we show our and love and appreciation for some of the very important women in our lives. For most of us this is of course our Mother’s but for others it might be Grandmother’s, Aunties and Godmothers. Whoever that special women is, there’ll be assured of being spoilt rotten come 26th March.

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

The first celebrations refer back to a Christian holiday way back in the 16th century. These were not Mother’s Day celebrations but more of a celebration of the Church but eventually this evolved in to Mothering Sunday. Mother’s Day is now celebrated on the same day as Mothering Sunday and has been a special day in the calendar since the 1950’s.

Mother’s Day falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent every year, which is exactly three weeks before Easter. This year it’s 26th March.

Traditional gifts

Early gifts for Mother’s Day included fruit cake or fruit-filled pastry called a simnel. Sweet buns topped with icing known as Mothering Sunday buns were also once popular.

Nowadays the go to gifts range from flowers and chocolates to wine and toiletries. Some of us will go for something a little more expensive such as a meal or afternoon tea at a nice restaurant or hotel.

Gift the give of learning

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If she likes something sweet, try one of our cake decorating courses.

For the perfect Mother’s Day tipple look no further than wine tasting.

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We hope we’ve given you some handy inspiration with just a week to go until Mother’s Day. If so, take a look at our full range of courses perfect as a Mother’s Day gift by clicking the button below.

Mother’s Day

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