We’re at the end of August, which means it’s only a matter of time before the new academic year begins and we’re back with our range of 2016/17 courses. A lot of you may be eagerly awaiting the start of our new courses, and may even have enrolled yourself on an upcoming course months ago, but perhaps you plan on joining us on a course this year, but just can’t decide which one yet? That’s exactly why we always kick off the academic year with our Open Days across Kent.

From 30th August in Tonbridge to 10th September in Canterbury, through the week and on weekends, every one of our centres in Kent will be playing host to an Open Day. Our Open Days are the perfect chance for you to try out a course for at least an hour, costing no more than £5 so that you can see how our courses work, pick up the basics during the session, and decide if it’s something that you want to pursue and enrol on for the upcoming year.

Our Open Days don’t consist of just a few courses to try here and there, the options are almost endless. From Arts & Crafts to Computing & Photography,  and Language to Health & Fitness. To give you a better idea of what will be going on at your local centre, we’re going to take a closer look at the Open Days and give you a taste of just some of what’s planned for each centre, so that you can decide what to try on the day.

Personal Development

Our Personal Development courses cover a broad range of subjects including Beauty, Complementary and Alternative Therapies, Music, Teaching and Counselling.

Try Psychology
This short taster course gives an insight to some of the fun that the psychology topic of perception can offer. You will be given the opportunity to look at some optical illusions with possible explanations as to how we interpret information from our senses.

Try Sign Language
A chance to try British Sign language for free. Learn some basic fingerspelling and a few common phrases such as greetings and information about yourself.


Discover your creative flair with one of our Art courses. From beginner to expert we have a course at your level, which you will be sure to enjoy.

Try Feltmaking
Come and spend a day exploring the ancient art of felt making. You will learn how to mix colours, using merino wool and how to turn the wool into felt.

Try Watercolour
This Watercolour taster course is for students who would like to try out using watercolour paint and the various techniques that could be used in paintings. This short course will give you a taste of what a longer course will teach you.


From Sewing Bee to Baking, and Knitting to Mosaics; with a fantastic array of Craft courses you’re sure to find a subject that will appeal to you.

Try Stained Glass
Discover your creative side and learn the processes behind cutting out, designing and producing mosaics and stained glass. You will learn how to create an initial design, cut glass to precise shapes, and use lead solder to create your stained glass or mosaic.

Try Cake Decorating
Turn a basic design into a tasty treat with our Sugarcraft and Cake Decorating courses. Learn how to stack a cake of two or more tiers, decorate cakes using coloured sugarpaste and produce detailed cake designs using wiring, marzipan, and colour palettes.

Health & Fitness

Whether you want to improve your fitness or add something new to your exercise regime, our suite of Health and Fitness courses has something to offer you – Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Body Tone and more.

Try Ballroom and Latin
This Ballroom and Latin free taster is a chance to give dancing a try. Feel free to bring a friend, the absolute basics course will go through various Ballroom and Latin Dances working on technique and timing as well as building confidence.

Try Yoga
This is a free taster session as part of our Open Day at the Cube in Folkestone; you will learn basic postures and breathing and relaxation techniques. Your tutor will explain the benefits of Yoga and how you can apply them to your daily life.

General Studies

Our selection of general studies courses have been created, through consultation with our learners and tutors, to offer the widest possible range of subjects for you to choose from.

Try History
A chance to try a history course in Maidstone. This is a taster session for those who are considering enrolling on a history course.

Guitar – Which course would be best for me?
Our Music courses offer a variety of exciting and inspirational activities. Whether you are a beginner or experienced musician, there is always something new and enjoyable to learn.


Our suite of Language courses offers more than just foreign languages; we have an extensive range of British Sign Language and Lipreading courses for those who want to learn for their self-development or to further their career.

Try Germany
Derived from Latin and Greek the German language is spoken by over 100 million people worldwide. Join the conversation with a German course from KAE.

Try Japanese
Learn a language of the orient with a Japanese course from KAE. This free taster session is part of our Open Day in Deal and will give students an opportunity to learn some basic words and phrases in Japanese.

Photography & Computing

Do you know your mouse from your motherboard or a Polaroid from a SLR? No? Our range of Photography and Computing courses can help you get the most out of your computer or camera.

Try Stop Frame Animation
This highly exciting form of animation combines many of the most fundamental animation principles used across all animation mediums.

Try Photography – Which course do I need?
This short course aims to help you develop your basic understanding of photography. Achieving pleasing images is our goal, so we will explore what makes a visual impact on the viewer and how you can achieve this with the camera you use.

Have these little tasters inspired you to come along to one of our Open Days next month? Take a look at the full list of taster courses available across the county by clicking the button below.

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