We are constantly reminded from Halloween onwards how many shopping days are left until Christmas. Whether you try to hold out for ‘Black Friday’ to bag yourself a deal or whether you like to prepare earlier in the year to try and spread the cost, the task of gift buying for Christmas can turn into a bit of a nightmare. But why do we even give gifts?

History of Gift Giving

The most widely accepted reason for giving gifts comes from the nativity story. When Jesus was born the Star of Bethlehem lead the three kings or wise men to the baby Jesus where they presented him with three gifts; frankincense, gold and myrrh.

Despite this there are other records through history of Pagan and Roman traditions that note gift giving in December.

Gifts were used as a token or sign of showing love and appreciation towards others. Although this is still true today the commercial aspect of Christmas has kicked in and now what would have been seen as extremely extravagant gifts are now seen as the norm.

With a KAE Gift Voucher you don’t just give a gift. You give a gift, a skill, a hobby.

We don’t know about you but we like the thought of heartfelt gifts, given with meaning and love. As much as we all love a ‘smellies’ set from time to time we don’t always need one every Christmas along with the socks that we struggle to fit in already overcrowded drawers.

Handmade Christmas Gifts

If you want to try and save some money this year but also make sure you give a personal touch with your gifts why not think about giving handmade gifts.

Whether you want to give handmade decorations, cakes or gifts we have an array of Christmas courses in the lead up to the big day to help you make the most of a crafty Christmas.

We’ll also be sharing some other Christmas craft gifts this Sunday that you can take inspiration from.


On top of all the present buying comes the task of gift wrapping. Whether you start off with good intentions and then after four hours people are lucky to get a bow or you spend hours delicately wrapping presents with ribbon or twine and adorning it with delicate bows and gift labels. The wrapping of presents can also add to the expense.

The first documented use of wrapping paper comes from ancient China where paper was invented in 2nd century BC. Money was folded and wrapped in paper forming a type of envelope known as a chih pao.

The Hall brothers Rollie and Joyce founders of Hallmark Cards didn’t invent gift wrapping but are heralded for their innovations that had led to the development of modern gift wrapping as we know it today.

If you want to avoid expensive rolls of wrapping paper why not think outside the box? Brown paper, used for parcels and typically found in the post office, offers a fantastic rustic starter for gift wrapping. Giving the shabby chic style it can be accompanied by ribbon, string, stickers, bows and more to make presents that are relatively cheap to wrap look like a much more expensive option.

Alternatively opt for gift bags and wrap the individual presents in tissue paper. Not only could it be a cheaper option but it also speeds up the hours spent wrapping that inevitably leads to either back ache, cramp and the game of find the start of the cellotape.

That awkward person with everything

As much as the buying, making and wrapping of presents can be a bit of a nightmare when seeing how pleased loved ones are with their gifts it makes it all worthwhile. Well, apart from that awkward person who has everything. We all have at least one in our friend groups or families and they are the person that causes the most searching for.

Look no further. With a KAE Gift Voucher you don’t just give a gift. You give a gift, a skill, a hobby. Rather than a present that is enjoyed for a short period of time a KAE Gift Voucher can awaken a passion for someone. It can transport them back to a love of art or craft or allow them to learn that skill that they have always wanted to, and allow them develop as a person.

P.S. they don’t just have to be for that tricky person, we think everyone would love one!

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