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No matter how big the space whether it’s just a bedroom or a whole house everyone has an element of being house proud. From the colours on the wall, to the layout of the room or the soft furnishings or pictures hung with pride each personal space has its own character and charisma but where would you start?

Interior Design

For some knowing the ins and outs of how to design a room; from the layout to the colours, the different materials and styles is just what they want. Being able to create a full design of the dream that’s in your head is a big deal. Interior design incorporates many different skills from a knowledge of different trends and styles to a knowing what colours and textures work together. Planning out a room before actually putting paint (or paper) on the wall really does have its benefits.

Soft Furnishings

A big part of designing a room is the finishing touches and a lot of the time this comes from the soft furnishings that add that extra bit of pizazz. Whether you are a person who loves a cushion and adorns a sofa or bed with plenty, to someone who prefers a statement curtain, any perfectly picked soft furnishing can completely change the look and feel of a room.

These can be purchased from a variety of home shops from the budget end of Primark to the more luxurious items available in larger department stores. Sometimes however, the perfect piece could be one that you make yourself. If you can’t quite find the right design or colour why not head to a fabric shop and find that piece that is made for the room you are decorating and get making.

Upcycling is a cost effective way to ensure you have the individual touch you want within your home.

Of course this isn’t quite as easy as it sounds but with our soft furnishings and sewing courses you could learn all you need to make everyone ask “where did you get that from?” only to be proud as punch when you say “oh that, I made it myself”.


If you don’t want to spend a fortune decorating a room, why not try upcycling. You will be surprised by the gems you can find. Whether you have something old that could just use a spruce or fancy buying some new pieces of furniture on a budget there are plenty of options.

Boot fairs are your friend! As the saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Boot fairs or craft fairs are the perfect place to pick up a ‘well loved’ piece of furniture that could just need sanding, varnishing or painting to give it a new lease of life. From new chairs, to a new table from bureaus to book cases the possibilities are endless.

Don’t want to pay anything at all then why not utilise pallets? Depending on where you live and who you know many people will give away wooden pallets for free or sell them at a small price. These can be broken down to the individual pieces of wood to make everything from a coffee table to a garden bench with a few trusty nails, a bit of vision and a lick of pain or varnish. Upcycling is a cost effective way to ensure you have the individual touch within your home.

Picture Framing

The perfect colour or most glorious of wallpapers sometimes don’t quite set a room off perfectly. Sometimes that space on the wall needs to be filled and what better way than popping up a picture. Whether it’s the latest school pictures from the kids, your recently taken wedding photos or a collage of the places you have travelled a picture is worth a thousand words. So why not make the most of it with a frame that sets the scene of the pictures and is harmonious with the rest of your décor.

Our courses can help you to pick the perfect mouldings, mounts, materials and colours to ensure that you make the most of the pictures you are sharing. Yes we know you could just pop to the shop and get one from Ikea or the like but how many people can say “I made that frame” try out a dying craft and you could discover the perfect way to add that finishing touch to your room.

Whether you want to upcycle, create your own soft furnishings, make the most of your pictures or just know what works in a room and what doesn’t let us take you on the journey to your perfect room or home. Be house proud and have fun with a course from KAE.

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