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Weekends are all about doing the things you don’t have the time to fit in during the week. With just two short days in which to cram everything in to, find out how to remedy the 5 most boring things about weekends with a course from Kent Adult Education.

1. The Weekly Food shop

It’s one laborious weekend task that we all loath but nevertheless it has to be done. We’re all guilty of traipsing mindlessly around the supermarket and throwing the same items into our trolleys for the same meals week-in-week-out.  Milk, cereal, fruit, vegetables, meat and bread, the repetition of the same foods hampers our enjoyment and appreciation of each individual texture and flavour.

But the culinary world has more to offer.  Our cookery courses will introduce you to many new sensory delights. From learning to roast your own coffee beans on our Art of Coffee courses, baking your own continental breads and learning to roll your own Sushi, you can learn the skills needed to craft foods you never thought you’d enjoy outside of a restaurant. Watch your food shop evolve with a Cookery course from KAE.

If you want to take your garden to the next level how about adding a hive?

2. Paying bills

Ah – the dreaded paperwork. Do you, like most of us feel like you’re drowning in paper? It’s an inconvenient intrusion on your weekend and an unfortunate part of modern life. You might find paying bills a tedious task, but at KAE we offer courses that might help change your mind and think differently about your mountain of bills.

Keep on top of your accounts with Excel or learn the art of Manual Bookkeeping. Whether you’re starting from the beginning or need an accredited qualification, we’ve got it covered. Who knows, your weekend might even be the start of your new career.

3. Gardening

Are you a just-mow-the-lawn gardener? Could your garden do with some TLC? Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new house and don’t know where to begin? Sometimes you just don’t feel like spending hours trimming the hedge at the weekends when you could be enjoying the sunshine reclined on a chair with a cool beverage in your hand.

We can help you garden in a way that will allow you to get the most out of your outdoor space. From Transforming your Front Garden courses to Growing Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs, we’ll help you to develop your green-fingers so you’ll never think of gardening as a chore again. If you want to take your garden to the next level how about adding a hive? Not only will this help your garden in pollinating those beautiful flowers but could leave you with your own stash of honey.

4. Washing

Do you find you spend your weekends washing and ironing the same old garments? Our learners don’t, in fact they are overwhelmed by their fantastic outfit choices as they have taken part in one of our Dressmaking courses!

If you’ve always been interested in fabrics and garment construction, or can never seem to find any clothes you like in shops, our tutors will help you develop the skills you need to start constructing pieces of your own. From Making your Own Clothes to Understanding your sewing pattern, we offer courses county-wide that will help you on your way to becoming a talented tailor or a supreme seamstress.

5. Wanting to be somewhere far, far away…

During the week we all want to escape the office and jet off to that special place we imagine in our head, but for most of us this is but a mere dream. If it’s holidays in foreign countries you are dreaming of we can deliver a sense of the exotic with a Languages course. French, Spanish, German and Italian or even Portuguese, Russian, Latin, Polish, Chinese or Greek. Be transported with a KAE languages course.

Or if you dream is simply to get lost in a world that isn’t today why not take a look back in time with our History courses and imagine yourself as a Tudor or put yourself in the shoes of a WWII soldier. Prefer to create your own imaginary place? What about Creative Writing? Let the pen be your guide and explore new places, new people and a new pleasure allowing yourself to escape the everyday.

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