Improve fitness and enjoy the sunshine with outdoor activities this summer

The summer is here and we’re hoping the sun will keep on shining throughout it. The next few months will offer you the perfect opportunity to spend more time outside and make the most of the warm season.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have some time off to enjoy the good weather, or simply want to make the most of your weekends, there’s plenty of outdoor activities you can give a go before the cold and wet autumn arrives.

Here are some great activities that you can enjoy alone or with the whole family:


It is far too easy to hop in your car or onto a bus nowadays, which means you often forget what a beautiful area you live in or how lovely some other places around the UK are. Rather than taking the easy form of transport, why not leave your car keys at home and head out for a walk?

Enjoy the great outdoors this summer with fun and healthy activities for all the family

While you can head to work or to the shops on foot, you can also plan a hike or nature walk to allow you to stretch your legs even more and make a day of it. Just pack up a lunch and plenty of water – you need to keep hydrated in the warm weather – and choose your route.

If you have children, you can even make it more fun by creating a scavenger hunt for them, where they need to find certain items along the way.

You can even explore the area with like-minded people by signing up for a walking course. This will introduce you to different routes and other individuals, while also helping to get you healthier.


What better way to enjoy some beautiful views, make the most of the sunshine and improve your fitness levels than giving climbing a go? This great activity helps you to build up strength and overcome obstacles – both real and mental.

You don’t even need to know much about climbing to give it a go, as you can learn the basics with a climbing course. This will help you build your technique and confidence, helping you to tackle more difficult climbs.

You may even find that you catch the climbing bug and so start to develop your skills even further until this becomes your go-to activity on sunny days.


If you fancy enjoying the outdoors at a faster pace than walking allows, you might enjoy getting on your bike. Just as with walking, you can cycle to your usual places – such as work – but also enjoy some more scenic routes throughout the summer.

There are a number of truly beautiful cycle routes throughout the UK, offering you the perfect opportunities to explore from the saddle. This also means that if you are heading off for a holiday within the UK, it is the perfect excuse to take your bike.

You can travel over long distances by bike without having to work too hard, which means that you can build up your fitness level while enjoying the summer weather. Just be sure to wear the correct safety equipment in case you have an accident, as this will ensure you can get back on your bike in no time.


Of course, you can also just enjoy lounging around outside in the sunshine by cooking up some delicious treats and heading out for a picnic. You can head to the park, the beach or even just to your back garden.

This is a great choice if you want a lazy day and a chance to relax with friends and family. You can even enjoy a picnic after taking part in any of the above activities, which will provide the perfect end to your hard work.

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