New Year

As we come to the end of the year, many of us turn and tend to look at the year that has gone past and evaluate (even if just mentally) what kind of year it was. Did you do the things that you wanted to do, take enough me time, see enough family and fill it with things that make you happy? Too often we focus on the negatives from the year that has gone past and things we didn’t achieve or didn’t quite get round to.
We think that shouldn’t be the case! You’ve had a whole 365 days and we’re sure that a large majority of these have included things you have enjoyed, want to repeat and things you will never forget. Take joy from the small things as we have looking back over our last year.


Yes we mean you reading this! Over the last year we have had over 10,000 enrolments on our courses! That means that here in Kent we have helped 10,000 of you learn a language, master an art, enjoy a craft, develop as a person, study something you have always wondered about, get fit or get snappy!
Plus we’re not just teaching you new things, you’re super happy whilst you’re with us too as we were proud recipients of a 9/10 for customer satisfaction this year too!
Not only this, but we have met lots of you for the first time! With new students at every location we’re proud to have welcomed you for your first KAE experience because let’s face it – it won’t be your last. Whether you joined through word of mouth, finding us online or enjoyed our open days in September, welcome!


Each year our new curriculum begins in September as we mirror other education organisations and work to the traditional ‘school year’. This September we launched more courses than ever before in the history of KAE with 4,500 available across Kent.
Not only this but 800 of those were at the weekend! We have always conducted classes in the week whether in the morning, afternoon or evening and the odd weekend course. This year we launched a full array of 800 weekend courses across the county with our half day courses costing around £25 (this is dependent on materials etc).
You may be under the illusion that we are a ‘night school’ and only offer courses in things like computing, bookkeeping and such like. Although we do teach these because we have so much demand but did you know we have courses such as: nutrition, ballet, etching and wine tasting? Didn’t think adult education was that interesting did you?

Get social

We know that many of our students enjoy the social aspect of the courses. Getting to learn a new skill whilst meeting new people can be really exciting. Not only that but our students range from 19 to 90 so you are bound to meet new people and become good friends.
As well as this we have been giving you the opportunity to get more social with us via our social media channels. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube you have the opportunity to chat to us, share your hints, tips and pictures of your work as well as having the chance to enter all of our competitions. Make 2016 the year you get social with KAE.

Take joy from the small things as we have looking back over our last year.

Across Kent

We’ve continued to make sure that you can access our fantastic courses in places that are close to you. As well as our 12 main adult education centres, we offer courses in local schools, village halls and libraries.
We’ve also been telling you a little more about some of our venues through the year which you can read here. Many of our centres have always been used as educational settings and many have a rich history.
This year we were approached by the singer Foxes to use our Margate centre as one of the locations for her music video to ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now’ which was part of the H&M Loves Music initiative. Make sure you watch it to get a glimpse of one of the rooms which we now use as an art room. Here’s a tip, it’s where the ballerinas are practising.
We’re really happy with our year this year and hope you are too! Let’s hope that in 2016 we see you, if we haven’t already!
Courses in the New Year

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