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It’s almost here or for some began today, the most wonderful time of the year for all still in school, the summer holidays!  Six weeks of no rushed morning routines, getting everyone ready for work and school and trips to pick the kids up after work from Nan and Granddad’s or the child-minders.

But wait – now you’re juggling time off and plying relatives with taking the kids for the odd day and promising to return the favour. The morning routine, whilst slightly relaxed doesn’t disappear it just bypasses needing to get to the school gates every morning.

Summer holidays brings good weather, trips to the zoo, ice cream and valuable family time with the kids but after the’ hussle and bussle’,  the cost and the rushing around making sure the days are packed with fun activities for all it doesn’t always feel like, well, a holiday.

But we have the perfect remedy…let us help you get some time back for you after the summer holidays.

Don't just fall in to the same routine, do something different.

At KAE we know how busy life can be and we see you asking the question, do I really have time for this? The answer is yes. To help you do something you enjoy we offer courses in the evenings and at weekends. Not only that but we have one day courses, 5 weeks, 10 weeks, 15 weeks and the full 30 if you like, meaning you don’t have to commit your Thursday evenings for a whole year just to do something you enjoy or try something new.

We have 4,500 courses planned for the next academic year across 9 key categories; Art, Business, Craft, GCSEs, General Studies, Health and Fitness, Language, Personal Development and Photography and Computing. All of this offered from our 15 dedicated adult education centres as well as local venues such as village halls and schools.

Don’t just fall in to the same routine for the next school year do something different and give yourself that bit of extra time back. Most of our courses start from mid to late September too so there’s time for you and your family to get some sort of routine back up and running before your first class.

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