September: Preparing for Halloween

It may not have the name value of Christmas or Easter, but for many people across the UK Halloween is by far their favourite time of the year. It is easy to see why. Just like other festivals there’s plenty of chocolate and other goodies to eat, with the added fun of making and wearing a costume and getting in a spooky mood.

Children especially love to get dressed up as ghosts, ghouls and goblins and go out trick or treating. You can make this even more fun for them by throwing a mini Halloween party for them and all their friends. They can bob for apples and enjoy a whole range of themed treats if you are in a baking mood.

That’s not to say that adults can’t enjoy a bit of Halloween fun. You could deck your house out appropriately with cobwebs and pumpkins, turn the lights out and watch some horror movies with your friends or significant other. You can dress up too, if it helps you enjoy the experience.

Overall, even though it is not usually seen as a major festival in the UK calendar, Halloween is one of the most fun. It is also one of the easiest to cater for. On Christmas, for example, if you wanted to host a gathering you would have to organise a full roast dinner. On Halloween, you can prepare a buffet of finger food in advance – easy peasy!

This month, Kent Adult Education is going to help you get ready for Halloween.

However, for those who have never done anything for Halloween before, but would like to start, this can be a little intimidating. Where do you start? How do you make your house look the part? What counts as ‘spooky’ food? Well, don’t worry: here at Kent Adult Education we have plenty of hints and tips gathered from our various courses to help you out.

This month, our site is going to feature a range of articles designed to help you with the various aspects of hosting a high-quality Halloween gathering. We will show you how to throw a spooky party as well as looking at the basics of creating a costume for your children, or for yourself if you’d rather.

Later in the month, we’re going to look in detail at clothesmaking. This is a valuable skill to have, as it makes a great hobby as well as giving you the ability to create Halloween costumes your kids will love.

If you end up enjoying yourself while you make fancy dress outfits for yourself, your children or your grandchildren, you might find that this is an interest worth pursuing. At Kent Adult Education there are plenty of courses that can help you to learn the basics of clothesmaking and eventually turn yourself into a master needleperson.

Hopefully, by the end of this month you should be completely ready for Halloween and excited for the festival. If you’re already getting in the mood to host your party, why not start practicing now with this recipe for Halloween cookies? That way, you’ll be able to get it perfect in time for your party.

You’ll need a set of novelty cookie cutters, as well as some tubes of writing icing. For the actual biscuits, you will need 250 grams of butter, and 250 grams of caster sugar. Put them in a bowl and beat them together with an electric whisk until the mixture is light and fluffy. Then add two eggs and a small dash of vanilla extract, and beat them into the mix.

Sift 500 grams of plain flour and about a teaspoon of baking powder into the butter, sugar and egg mixture, then using clean hands knead it into a dough. Roll it out on a floured work surface until it is less than a centimetre thick, then cut it out with your novelty cookie cutters into bat, ghost and spider shapes.

Bake your biscuits in an oven at 170C (gas mark three) for between ten and 15 minutes, then leave them to cool. Now, all that is left is to decorate them with the icing. This is a great chance to get your children involved – let them use their imagination to create some ghoulish, yet delicious, Halloween treats.

Kent Adult Education are running courses in your area on clothesmaking, cookery and many other topics including languages, crafts and personal development.

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