Ready, set, bake: A journey into sugarcraft

If you wanted to learn how to decorate a cake, where would you start? Making the actual cake can be easy if you want it to be – you can always whip something up from a packet, after all – but icing it is another matter altogether. A basic icing job can go drastically wrong on its own, let alone one involving any kind of detail.

This is why many people choose to take a cake decorating course. There, you can learn the basics of sugarcraft and moulding icing, and within six weeks you will be crafting beautiful cakes to a professional level! It might seem like that is an incredibly quick time in which to learn such a craft, but it is well within the realms of possibility.

Britt Whyatt is an example of how quickly you can learn how to decorate cakes like a pro. One of Kent Adult Education’s top tutors, she teaches the ‘Cake Decorating – Creative Cakes‘ course along with a series of courses on decorating cupcakes. However, Britt did not start out intending to teach people sugarcraft; she only discovered the skill a few years ago!

“I got into it by complete accident four years ago,” she said. The hobby began as a simple way for her to spend her time. After an operation, Britt ended up with a need for something to fill her days. “I was very bored,” she said, “I used a packet mix to bake a cake that looked and tasted awful!”

Britt Whyatt - one of Kent Adult Education's top tutors - is an example of how quickly you can learn how to decorate cakes like a pro.

But this didn’t put Britt off. She may not have been particularly happy with the results of her first cake – a “square-faced Pudsey” that was made in order to raise money for Children in Need – but she had caught the baking bug. In her words: “The obsession had started.”

Britt began baking more and more, developing her skills as she did. “In the first month that I was making cakes I basically made about 30,” she said. “I just kind of got obsessed with it and loved it.”

In addition to the basic baking, Britt began teaching herself how to decorate the cakes she made. She went from flat decorative icing all the way through learning how to create 3D edible items out of ‘modelling paste’, which is essentially a thickened sugar mixture that can be used to sculpt edible ornaments.

Eventually, Britt became so good at cake decorating that she began passing on her skills. “I really liked the idea of teaching people and showing them how to do it,” she said. Britt didn’t start off as a tutor, of course. First of all, she ran a number of brownie baking groups and similar, small-scale courses. She also had been asked to perform a few demonstrations, which she enjoyed.

Eventually, this led to a job as a tutor with Kent Adult Education. When this opportunity came, she “jumped at it”. Now, she teaches others how to decorate cakes. After a six-week course, you will be able to decorate like a professional!

Britt has seen more success since. On the weekend of November 7th-9th, she was invited to the Cake International show at the NEC in Birmingham. There, she was entered as a finalist for a Cake Masters Award, in the category of Personality of the Year.

“I was so honoured to be recognised by my peers and I feel so very proud,” said Britt on her blog, ‘She Who Bakes’. “I sadly didn’t win but all the winners were very well deserved and I’d like to say a massive congratulations to them all.”

If you’re interested in following in Britt’s footsteps, you can sign up for a cake decorating course and develop your own skills. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of her expertise and learn from one of the best!

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