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If you’re looking for a new job, whether in the same industry or something different, you want to make sure your CV stands out. The job market is full of people searching for something new, so it is up to you to showcase why a company should give you the job over everyone else.

This starts with your CV, which needs to show that you have the relevant skills and experience for the position, but also that you have other qualities that could be beneficial.

Courses are a great way to do this, as they show potential employers that you have taken your learning into your own hands. They also provide you with extra knowledge, which can really set you apart from everyone else.

So what courses could help you boost your CV?

It is up to you to showcase why a company should give you the job over everyone else

First Aid

Every work environment needs a first aid officer in case of emergency. This means that companies need to get someone to volunteer for the role and shell out for appropriate training.

If you have already undergone first aid training, putting this on your CV will show a company that you have a lot of worth to them. No matter whether you’re going for a manual or office job, this course is something that can put you above other applicants.

A first aid course will teach you the basics that you need until trained professionals can arrive. Not only could this boost your CV, it can also prove useful in real life situations.


Some companies have a need for employees who can speak another language, especially if they trade internationally. Even if they don’t, you never know when a second language will come in handy.

Putting your language skills on your CV is a great way to tell potential employers a bit more about you, showcase your skills on paper and bulk out your experience. Even if a company can’t use your second language, it will help you to stand out.

Just be sure to be honest about your proficiency level. After all, there’s no point in claiming to be fluent if you aren’t.


Marketing is an important part of any business and so having knowledge of strategies and tools that a company can use to help drive growth can help to set you apart.

No matter what business you are entering into, if you know about branding, customer service and product planning – for example – it can help to show that you will be a vital asset to growth.

Marketing knowledge may not be outlined in your job description, but adding it to your CV is always a plus.


You may not think it, but a drama course is an ideal way to boost your CV. You learn a lot of skills in drama that can come in handy every day in business, no matter what sector you are in.

As well as confidence, which is gained from performing in front of people, improvisation helps you to think on your feet while acting in general makes you more aware of your movements and the way you are speaking.

A lot of companies look for drama courses or qualifications on potential employees’ CVs because of these points, so it could pay off to invest in one.

Sign language

It isn’t just spoken language that can set your CV apart from the pile, sign language often gets forgotten about but is incredibly important.

Not many people speak sign language unless they have a friend or family member who uses it, so learning could help you secure a job.

Not only this, but it is a form of language that you’re more likely to need in everyday situations, making it an ideal choice for a course.

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