Courses can help you push into a new career

Accredited courses are great ways to boost you to the next level in your career or to set you on the path to a new one. They are courses that are approved by professional bodies and result in qualifications.

These qualifications can help you move up the ladder, start your own business or turn your hobby into a job. They can also mean you are able to register with certain professional bodies, which can be vital for your job.

But what accredited courses can help you? At Kent Adult Education, we have a broad range of different accredited courses, allowing you to find one that suits your area of interest.

Here are just a few that could help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to improving your career:

You could boost your career and CV by completing one of these great accredited courses with Kent Adult Education


You might find that in order to move into a particular area of work, go onto further study or get promoted, you need a certain GCSE grade. The standard ones you tend to need a reasonable grade in are Maths and English, with many companies stating that you need a C grade or above.

Although you may be perfect for a position in every other way, you may find that an employer doesn’t hire you or promote you if you don’t have the right qualifications. The same goes for educational institutes.

If you have a grade below a C at GCSE English or Maths – or if you don’t have a grade at all – you may find that taking a course in these areas can make all the difference. This means you could achieve a better grade, which will boost your CV.

Of course, you may not have studied in an area you want to move into previously, so seeing if there is a GCSE course in that area could help to set you apart or put you on a more even playing field with other candidates.

City and Guilds courses

If there is not a GCSE course available in the area you are interested in, but you still want or need a qualification, it could pay to look at City and Guilds courses.

These courses provide around 500 different qualifications in a huge range of industry sectors. This means that you’ve got a good chance of finding a course that suits your needs and interests, while also providing you with a recognised qualification at the end.

You’ll find that you can earn qualifications in sectors like beauty, interior design, bookkeeping and sugar craft, just to name a few. So, no matter what direction you want to take your career in, you’ll be able to earn the qualification you need in order to do so.

On top of this, you can also benefit from the fact that these courses often supply different levels, allowing you to move up in your area. This means you can further improve your skills and take steps that could see you get promoted.

You’ll be able to move at a pace that suits you and have the support of dedicated tutors to ensure you learn everything you need to and get the best grade possible at the end.

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