By now, you will be well aware that our 2016/17 courses are now available to be booked online, in-centre and over the phone, plus our brand new course directory can be picked up at your nearest KAE centre.

Whether you’re flicking through the new course directory or browsing our website to take a look at over 4,000 courses we have on offer, you will see many courses return from previous years as well as plenty of brand new courses, and courses you weren’t even aware that we have offered over the years.

Learn a new skill or gain a qualification

The range of courses we offer continues to expand every year, the ways you can use a KAE course to benefit yourself really are becoming limitless. Perhaps you’re looking to gain a GCSE qualification in maths or English that you’ve always been missing to help further your career, or you want to become healthier by taking up one of our 600 fun, physical Health & Fitness courses such as Dance, Yoga or Zumba?

If you consider yourself an artistic type, we have over 800 Art courses in a number of different techniques, including drawingpainting, oils and acrylics, watercolour, sculpture and calligraphy.

"The range of courses we offer continues to expand every year, the ways you can use a KAE course to benefit yourself really are becoming limitless."

Or maybe you’re a ‘hands-on’ type of person, in which case one of our Craft courses is for you. We have over 1,000 Craft courses coming up, including floristry, crochet, jewellery making, pottery and knitting.

Whether you’re quite experienced with a camera or computer or a complete novice, our Photography & Computing courses have got it covered. Whether you want to develop your career with a bookkeeping qualification, get to grips with Microsoft Office or improve your photography skills, we’ve got the course for you.

New year, new courses

We’re some way from the start of the new year itself, but the start of the new academic year in September can still mean a fresh start which is why we always make sure to add plenty of new courses every year.

This year, we’ve added over 3,000 new courses to our curriculum! It might be the first time a certain course has been available at your local centre, saving you the travel to another town, or a completely new course altogether.

Surprise yourself

When you think of adult education courses, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps it’s something practical like learning to sew, something like learning a new language, or an academic achievement such as gaining a GCSE qualification. The team that decides our curriculum ‘think outside the box’ and you may be surprised to see some of the courses that we offer. For example, did you know that we do wine tasting, or beekeeping courses?

Our Self Development courses will help you to prepare  for an interview, write the perfect CV and become a more assertive person, but did you know that you could also study Biological Psychology, Archaeology, and find out more about Living with Dementia?

Our Complementary Therapies category offers up a variety of courses that you may not be aware of, from Aromatherapy to Indian Head Massage, Exploring Self Hypnosis to Meditation, so take a look and surprise yourself.

If we told you about our range of Language courses, the first languages that come to mind are probably the likes of French, SpanishGerman and Italian. But it doesn’t stop there, did you know our Language courses also include Latin, Polish, GreekRussian, Arabic and Chinese?

Have we opened your eyes to just how varied our range of courses is? Take a look at our 2016/17 courses by clicking the button below and find out why KAE is adult education, but not as you know it.

2016/17 Courses

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