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Life begins at….what? The traditional saying is 40 but is that really true? Surely life begins when you are able to work a few less hours here or there or for the lucky few retire early. Or maybe it begins when you have that little bit more money in the bank and more time to do with it as you wish. For us at KAE life definitely begins at 60!


It’s been said that 50 is the new 40 but we’re of the opinion 60 is the new 40. At KAE we help you make the most of being in the prime of your life with our fantastic Club60 membership scheme.  First of all you need to sign up to Club60 which is free and easy. Then after enrolling on your first course at full price you are given a discount for your next enrolment with us if the course is £51+. If your course costs £51-180 after any other concession you receive a 5% discount for your next enrolment and if your enrolment is £181+ you get a 10% discount for next time. The more you spend the more you save and all of this, just for being 60.

More discounts

We’ve been doing some digging and actually being 60 not only offers you the fantastic Club60 discount with KAE but discounts in lots of other places!

Specsavers offer 25% off glasses to anyone over 60, National Rail offer a senior railcard which when purchased gives 1/3 off rail travel and B&Q offer a Diamond Card which gives you 10% off every Wednesday.

Make the most of being in the prime of your life

So here’s to growing old gracefully and reaping all the benefits along the way.

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