If you’re learning with us, you might walk around your chosen centre in Kent and see a lot of familiar faces, or maybe one of your favourite things about your course is that your fellow learners are of the same age and have similar interests to you. We like to keep up to date with who our learners are too, and thought that it would be interesting to share some statistics with you, so you can find out who the “average” KAE learner is. Perhaps you’ll read this and find that you’re practically reading a description of yourself, or you’ll look around during your next trip to your nearest centre and see the exact people we’re describing.

Our learners as people

Further on, you will find out some information about the most popular days for our courses, the most popular course categories, and the most popular locations of our courses, but we’re going to start by simply describing the type of person you can expect to see at a KAE centre.

Firstly, their age. We found that the average age of learners is 51, with over 14,000 of our learners being aged 60 or over, meaning they’re eligible to be Club60 members if they’re not already. One very interesting fact is that we have just three learners over the age of 100, with our oldest learner being 104! We have plenty of the younger generation taking part in a KAE course too, we have approximately 1,880 learners aged 18-25.

As for the gender of our learners, we have to admit that our female learners outnumber our male learners by quite a distance. We have nearly 31,000 female learners, as opposed to 8,200 men enrolling on a course. By no means are our courses primarily suited to women more than men though, if you’re a man we’re sure you’ll find a course just for you.

When you’re browsing through our website, you might find that you have a mixed taste and could be tempted to take a look at any one of our course categories. After some research, we found that we have a lot of particularly creative learners, with our two most popular categories for enrolments being Arts and Craft. We’ve had over 5,641 people enrol on an Art course, and 7,931 on a Craft course. We also have a lot of people looking to learn a new language, perhaps preparing for a holiday? There have been 5,379 enrolments on Language courses.

Now for where to find most of our learners. We found Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, and Canterbury, in that order as our busiest centres in terms of the number of enrolments. We don’t have one overwhelmingly busy centre though, with learners fairly evenly split up across the county. For example, we have 4,000 learners in Tunbridge Wells, 3,800 in Maidstone, 3,000 in Sevenoaks, and 2,786 in Canterbury and our other centres such as SittingbourneThe Cube in Folkestone, and Dartford have between 1,400 and 2,400 learners studying there between them.

If you’re a current learner, there might be days when you go to your nearest centre and find that it is packed with people. This is most likely to happen on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as these are our most popular days for courses to take place. There have been 7,725 enrolments on a Tuesday, 7,538 on a Wednesday and 6,882 on a Thursday. Whether you’re retired or work part-time and enjoy a course during the day, or you look forward to your course after work, it seems our learners love to learn a new skill mid-week. Plenty of people love to spend their time with us at the weekend too, as we have over 3,926 learners on our Saturday courses.

Now we’ve given you some insight into our learners, are you looking to join them in the new academic year? Take a look at our 2016/17 courses by clicking the button below.

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